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Koinonia Christian Center

Core Values

The Eight Pillars

1. EXPERIENCE impactful worship!

Through dynamic and intentional fellowship, we are strengthened as we EXPERIENCE impactful worship services that influence our everyday lives.

2. EMBODY humility and serving!

We EMBODY humility and serve one another with the heart of Christ. Our service to each other is manifested through a great attitude and extreme effort to be helpful and loving to all people. Every interaction that we have with one another is purposed to strengthen and bless.

3. EXCEL in every area!

We function in EXCELLENCE in every area. We absolutely refuse to be content with mediocrity. Our mindset is “If it can be done better, we will do it better and it is all for the glory of God!”

4. EXPRESS diversity through ministry!

We are continuously posturing ourselves to eliminate all known hindrances to diversity. We refuse to allow race, creed, gender, or ethnicity to separate us from worshipping and serving Jesus Christ together.

5. EVERYONE receives life-changing ministry!

We provide relevant and life-changing ministry to EVERYONE regardless of the age or stage of life (married, children, teens, singles, and seniors).

6. EVANGELIZE on purpose!

We pursue evangelistic opportunities to purposefully win the lost for Jesus Christ.

7. EQUIP our youth and ministers to lead!

We EQUIP our youth and those with five-fold ministry callings. We intentionally invest in them so they can be strengthened and become the leaders of the next move of God.

8. Platform for the EPISCOPACY!

We are a platform for the EPISCOPACY to strengthen and cover ministries globally to help them carry out with excellence their particular Kingdom assignment.