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Koinonia Christian Center

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Empowerment Tank

KCC Empowerment Tank Challenge Overview

The following are the basic guidelines established for the Empowerment Tank Challenge:

An individual or business partners must submit a business/service plan. All entries must be submitted by email to by 5pm on May 10, 2018. No late entries will be accepted.

All ideas or business concepts must be legal, within the boundaries of local or state laws, and be ethical.

This challenge is meant to provide a stimulus to a local business and encourage the actual development of entrepreneurial skills.

Participants should submit at minimum:

A business plan for new and existing businesses using the attached Start up Guide as a reference. 

A financial history/report for existing business

New businesses should also include answers to the Self Analysis questions from the Business Startup Guide (attached)

Once business plans are submitted, they will be reviewed by an Empowerment Panel (1) who will be blinded to who's business plan they are viewing. 

The empowerment panel will decide the top 3 existing business plans, the top 3 new business plans, and the top 2 new or existing teenager business plans. 

Participants will be notified as to whether their plan was chosen or not by May 12. 

Those Participants who are chosen will do a recorded interview to tell who they are, where they are from, how they became interested in their business, with an intro and outro using the Shark Tank theme music.

Please be prepared to do these between Saturday, May 12 - May 15

Shark Thank Theme

Set up (what you will see) 

Empowerment Tank logo in the room in the Fellowship Hall
Pipe and Drape will line the room walls
Tables set up for Empowerment Panel 2 on one side of the room.
Table opposite of the judges and an easel and space for samples and displays of product for the participant to set up and present from. 
Outline (What you will experience) 
Welcome - You will be welcomed into the room with just you (the participants) and the panel

Review of what each participant will do and what they are judged on:
• 2-minute pitch
• Answer Questions from Panel (total 10 minutes)

Each presentation will be rated on the following:

1. Originality 
2. Due Diligence/Knowledge 
3. Proof of Potential Profitability 
4. Personal Investment/Commitment 
5. Problem Solving Skills 

Video Intro of Participant
Panel Questions for each Participant
After each participant has presented, the panel will score the participants on the scorecard based on the above criteria.
Announce the winners to the congregation and the prize for their business on Sunday, May 20.

1 New Business $3000
1 Existing Business $3000
1 Teen Business $2000 - $3000

Small Business Start Up Guide

Event Details

Day: Wednesday
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Fellowship Hall
Contact: Shondell Jones