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Koinonia Christian Center

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Matters of the Heart television broadcast on Fox8/14:

Sundays 7:30am; Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday at 6:30am.

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Latest Sermons

Sermon Speaker Date Actions
9-17-17 9AM "Tell Me the Truth"
Series: Tell Me the Truth
Pastor Trev Evans Sep 17, 2017
9-6-17 12PM "Don't Be Silent"
Pastor Anthony Hutchins Sep 06, 2017
8-27-17 12PM "Faithless Prayers"
Series: "Faithless Prayers"
Bishop Rosie S. O'neal Aug 27, 2017
8-2-17 12PM "How To Manifest Your Prayers"
Series: How To Manifest Your Prayers
Dr. Johnathan Briggs Aug 02, 2017
7-16-17 9AM "Follow Through"
Series: Aligning Our Thoughts Through His for Supernatural Increase
Bishop Rosie S. O'neal Jun 11, 2017
6-7-17 12PM Service "Managing the Miraculous
Series: Managing The Miraculous
Bishop Rosie S. O'neal Jun 07, 2017