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Koinonia Christian Center

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Bear Each Other’s Burdens

Written by KCC Devotion Team  |  Found in: Teamwork

“We who are strong must be considerate of those who are sensitive about things like this. We must not just please ourselves.” Romans 15:1 (NLT)

One of our responsibilities as children of God is to bear the burdens of the weak when we are strong. There are going to be times when we experience weakness, heartache, and a lull in our faith. During these times, we need encouragement from others, for others to be nonjudgmental, and the support of others who are strong in their faith. God has given us all purpose and placed each one of us strategically in the lives of others. We are to bear the burdens of others to fulfill that purpose and to walk in the love of God when we interact with others so that they see God’s love through the works we do for them. We must exercise patience when others doubt and struggle with things that may seem difficult for us to understand. Helping others helps us focus on something other than ourselves and brings about a spiritual maturity that strengthens our faith.