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Koinonia Christian Center

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Selfless Acts

Written by KCC Devotion Team  |  Found in: Caring for Others

"When Moses’ hands grew tired, they took a stone and put it under him and he sat on it. Aaron and Hur held his hands up—one on one side, one on the other—so that his hands remained steady till sunset." Exodus 17:12

Making the world a better place requires we have to offer – our time, our money, and our energy. Studies have proven that caring for others improves our own personal happiness, health, and sense of well-being. There are even scientific benefits of lending a hand to those in need. Helping and caring for others has been proven to help us live longer. When Moses grew tired, Aaron and Hur held him up with one on each side of him. Not only did Aaron and Hur benefit from this selfless act but the whole land reaped the benefits of victory. It is important to focus on the big picture in realizing that everything we do has an impact in some way on those around us. Caring for others is not just a one-person job but a job everyone can and should take part in.