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Koinonia Christian Center



The KCC Community Development Center's (KCC CDC) Before/Afterschool Program’s primary goal is to provide a positive atmosphere that’s conducive to learning for children in grades PreK-8th grade.  We provide resources and support needed to aid all children in learning, growing and thriving in their individual school settings.  Each child is encouraged to learn new skills, develop positive relationships with their peers, and explore different gifts and talents they possess in various subjects. 

Summer Camp

We are so excited to welcome you into our awesome camp family! We know that finding the right summer camp can be a tough decision, but we can assure you that your child will have the most amazing experience at either Camp Koinonia and/or our Youth Leadership camp for the summer. 

C.A.M.P. Koinonia

C.A.M.P Koinonia’s summer camp is a quality enriched program, located in a safe Christian setting, offering scheduled academic and special activities. It is designed for children enrolled in PreK- 5th grade as a supplement to in class learning and plays a key role in engaging youth in the learning process by:

  • Providing opportunities to explore interest,
  • Gain competency in real work skills,
  • Solving problems,
  • Assume leadership roles,
  • Develop a group identity with similar aged peers,
  • Connect to adult role models and mentors, and
  • Become involved in improving their communities.

Youth Leadership Camp

KCC CDC's Youth Leadership Camp is for all rising 6th – 8th graders. Over the course of 7 weeks this program will focus on academics, team building, and leadership development. These campers will experience firsthand interactions with peers and staff to increase independent thinking and decision making which is critical for confident future leaders.  We believe our youth are future Pastors, Teachers, Entrepreneurs, Politicians etc… and we want to adequately prepare them for the world they will be exposed to.

Nia Trammel,  Director 252.752.1898 ext 258

Angela King, Assistant Director 252.752.1898 ext 271