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Koinonia Christian Center


About KFCM

Koinonia Fellowship of Churches and Ministries (KFCM) is an affiliation of leaders and churches in the Body of Christ who have come together to create and maintain powerful, collaborative relationships that enhance the lives of their ministerial congregations in every area.

KFCM’s vision is to produce a revelation of who Christ is in totality by planting churches worldwide, promoting restoration of kingdom reality in the marketplace, and preparing the church for revival of holiness. This revival will take place through our covenant relationships of love, as we plant multicultural disciples from each generation that will reconstruct society through church planting and emphasis on family and outreach.

The core values of KFCM are revealed through the revival of people reconciled to God in evangelism, brokenness, and holiness. The Kingdom is revealed inwardly, through Bible training, discipleship, true fellowship, corporate worship, and renewal of biblical foundations and standards. Our disciples will influence cities, nations, and generations.

History of KFCM

The Koinonia Fellowship of Churches and Ministries (KFCM) is an organization birthed from Bishop Rosie O’neal’s desire to please God and serve pastors.  God began giving visions to Bishop O’neal about the danger of being uncovered as a church body.   These visions included church building roofs uncovered revealing freezing parishioners and frost bitten pastors.   Determined to serve uncovered ministries that sought spiritual assistance and practical support, Bishop O’neal decided to provide an avenue of training and fellowship that would cause other ministries to do their best in operating under the call upon their lives. As the leader of KFCM, Bishop O’neal helps contend for the faith, oversee churches, assists with special occasions, and provides support for difficult situations.  KFCM is an organization that provides anointed, apostolic covering, care, instruction, and leadership to other churches and ministries irrespective to denominational associations, nationalities, or size.

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