• SKU: DL-BO-032617

Blind Obedience


Do you often feel that God's instructions for your life are confusing or uncomfortable? Pastor Evans reminds us that sometimes God will have you to do things that may not make sense to you at the time.These things don't necessarily feel good but nevertheless, you must be obedient and heed to God's instructions for your life. If your desire is to receive the promises of God, then you must move in blind obedience, and your faith needs to be shown in your decisions and in your actions. There are enemies of blind obedience that you must guard yourself against. These enemies are worrying about what others think, wanting to know the outcome ahead of time and constantly wishing. Don't miss your occasion by searching for a cause. You may not understand the method that God chooses to fix your situation, but know that it is through blind obedience that you will obtain the promise.

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