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Different By Design


Did you know that the enemy knows your strengths and weaknesses better than you do? In this powerful Sunday sermon, Bishop Rosie O'neal teaches us that just like Moses, many of us have a stutter. Moses had trouble speaking fluently and believed that his afflictions and faulty past would prevent him from completing the will of God which was to obtain victory over Pharaoh. If we're not careful, we will began to believe that God can't use us because of our "stutter" also known as the limitations that might bring us negative attention. Some of the negative things that we began to do is condemn ourselves by putting ourselves down when comparing ourselves to others, by losing our individuality and conforming to appeal or please others, by cowering or shying away from things or opportunities without realizing our true value and by refusing to consider that God's presence is enough. Our imperfections show God's glory in our lives even more. Our past and our problems are a vital part of who we are. If we don't come to a point of acceptance, then we won't fully trust God. We must believe and accept the fact that Jesus really loves us!

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