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A Real Man, Father's Day 2017


God created fathers to model aspects of who He is. In this special Father's day sermon, Pastor Trev Evans shares with us that it is the will of God that father's help their children to come to a place in which they understand God's will for their lives. Abraham, led a perfect example of what a real father should be. He had a passion for his children. He valued them as a gift from God and not as a burden. He was committed to taking care of his child regardless of the status of his relationship with the child's mother and lastly, he was dedicated to giving his son, Isaac, place to the will of God. Abraham showed us that a real father is committed and consistently available to his children, providing on whatever level he is able to while giving his best efforts. A real father gives clear instructions and sets boundaries; he gives correction and guidance. He protects, encourages independence, expresses truth and teaches his children to learn through their choices and the consequences of those choices. 

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