Prayer Revival (Both Nights)


Night 1

You won’t know until you go! Are you in despair, stuck in a situation without any vision and feeling like you do not have any options? Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick Jr. powerfully encourages us that we find options in having healthy conversations. When we conclude that where we are is no longer working and failure is not our normal, we depend on faith. We then move to do something; we’ve never done before, and discover a multitude of blessings that God has already provided for us. However, we will never know what those blessings are until we go!

Night 2

Shout! Praise! And tell your neighbor, “I’m coming out!”  Your faith has to be more than just belief and trust on the weekend, but rather the strongest spiritual apprehension where even the hottest of situations will not alter it.  This revival presented Bishop Rudolph W. McKissick, Jr. as he dynamically showed us in Luke 22 how God has dominion over everything and if evil wants to intrude; even it has to ask God for permission.  He also shows us that suffering goes along with His purpose and encourages you to pray for everlasting faith to remain throughout the most horrific of situations.

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