Finding the Right #Church

Have you considered worshipping in a place that needs and appreciates your gifts? However, not only your gifts, it needs the gifts of your family members. Now, consider those collective gifts poured into the community that ultimately changes our world. This sounds like a wonderful place for a family. Hebrews 10:24-25 speaks about the importance of the assembly of believers, encouraging one another, working together, and sharing the heart of Christ. However, how does a family find the right church?

My husband and I pondered this question sixteen years ago after relocating to North Carolina. We found one very similar to our church in New York. After attending for one year, I could not settle in. A co-worker invited me to Koinonia Christian Center Church (KCC). As soon as I heard the Word of God preached in such a practical life-applicable way, I connected but my husband and children – not so much. My traditional husband liked a smaller congregation. My children were afraid of starting over and being the new kids on the block. It did not take long to see we were welcomed into a loving family and not lost among the crowd. We had found our church home. We unpacked all our baggage! Today, we worship freely and serve in our local church. 

My two oldest children are adults now. Times have changed, and I wondered what do young families today look for in finding the right church. As I chatted with some families, many said a good Bible-based children’s ministry was vital. Other key factors included humble leadership, welcoming environment, great worship, and a strong penetrating Word.

One couple shared their story after relocating, leaving the KCC-Greenville location. Their search for a church home took twenty months. As working parents, they desired a worship experience that would break up the hardness that builds around the heart from working all week. The long search created a starvation for the Word of God. None of the churches they visited hit the mark. They wanted an all-encompassing church, a place for their children, worship music that spoke to the heart and soul, and a Word from God that was meat, not milk. Finally, they did find one. Surprisingly, an opportunity arose to relocate again. After praying, the family relocated to the Raleigh, NC area. They re-connected with the KCC-Raleigh location. With over fifty different ministries to serve in, they knew their gifts would be used and greatly appreciated. Looking back, their experience created a deep affection for authentic fellowship and taught them how to prioritize their search. 

As you seek the right church, here are some factors to consider:

  • Pray for God’s leading.
  • Research the church’s core values.
  • Learn what the church has to offer for every family member.
  • Find out how you can become involved.
  • Research the church’s community participation.

Please review our website for information. You are in our prayers and are welcome here!

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