Is social distancing weakening your relationships?

Contributor: A. Dorcent

Is social distancing weakening your relationships? The definition of the word relationship describes how two or more people connect. During this COVID-19 season, modern-day technology has allowed us to stay connected. However, sheltering-in-place and social distancing implore us to ask, how are we connecting? In order words, are our technology connections allowing us to build strong relationships with each other? 

Social media platforms allow us to frequently take a casual scroll on our devices and check up on one another. In an instant, we can send a happy birthday, happy anniversary, congratulations, or share an encouraging word. These casual scrolls can be time-consuming without investing intimately in any one person. 

This season has presented us with our finest hour for building strong relationships. Now more than ever is the time to ensure we are investing in our relationships. Literally, time is of the essence! Instead of the casual text message, we can invest time in longer conversations. Yet, the length of the discussion does not ensure the conversation was meaningful. We must be open and vulnerable with those we trust. I usually have a reflective response when asked by someone how I’m doing. Most times, my reply is, “I’m good;” when in fact, some days are more challenging for me than others. This is where trust comes in. I trust those in my circle that will listen and not judge. In turn, I become a safe place for them to share their true feelings as well. It’s okay to be human even when we’re a Christian. 

Ultimately, being a strong Christian allows us to manage our challenging days. We must intimately invest time with God. During this season, it is imperative we’re not giving God our usual time and attention. These are unusual days. The great thing about God, He is so good when it comes to building strong relationships with us. He longs for, waits, and looks forward to spending time with us. I’m reminded about His walk with Adam in the book of Genesis. I’m sure Adam found not only companionship in God the Father but also comfort. No matter what we are feeling, we can be vulnerable and honest with God. He certainly can handle any weight we throw upon Him. 1 Peter 5:7 says, “Casting your care upon Him because He careth for you.” I’m sure when God says let me have it, He means it.

There is a beautiful return to investing in our relationships with each other and God. Connecting with God and one another strengthens us, provides companionship, and comfort. 

As we practice social distancing, let us not allow this finest hour to slip away. We can intimately invest in our relationships and gain strength for today and the days ahead. Strong relationships make us stronger.

In this season, do you find your relationship with God and others growing stronger?  We love to hear from you!

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