Salute to our Healthcare Professionals

Contributor: A. Dorcent

Healthcare Professionals, We Salute You!

Have you ever thanked someone for doing the extraordinary and received the humbled reply, “I was just doing my job.”? 

During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re seeing healthcare professionals perform above and beyond the call of duty. Their service surpasses the norm as they face insurmountable odds – experiencing overwhelmed medical facilities, working extremely long hours, and in some cases, have limited staff and supplies. They have risen to the occasion not to get to the other side of their paycheck. In this time of crisis, their service reflects the authentic spirit of compassion.

In this authentic spirit, we’ve found healthcare professionals, EMTs, nurses, and doctors become family. Our Pastor, Bishop Rosie. S. O’neal teaches we are not meant to do life alone. When our families cannot sit by our bedside, healthcare professionals have. We have watched news stories of nurses holding the hands of patients while they transition into eternity.

In the worst of times, the spirit of compassion is bursting at the seams. It gives us hope. Mankind is good. I’m reminded of the creation of mankind in Genesis. After God created male and female, He said we were very good. He was right. Compassion is displayed when we are at our lowest. It manifests goodness. It brings peace. It lifts us. It says, although you can’t take care of your personal needs now, I will. Why? Because your life matters. 

I will never forget being at one of my lowest, yet highest moments. I had just delivered a baby girl and was at my weakest. My assigned healthcare professional became my hands. She cared for my well-being. As she cared for me, I was overcome with gratitude. She went above and beyond with a kind spirit. Over the years, I thought of her. I never thought her service thrived on a paycheck. I know her excellent service didn’t come from being watched. It was just us in the room. Compassion comes from a deeper place.

There’s a familiar Bible story (Luke 10:25-37) of the Good Samaritan that cared for a traveler (a Jew) stripped and beaten in the streets. Jews and Samaritans customarily did not interact. None of that mattered to the spirit of compassion. Not only did the Good Samaritan cared for the traveler’s physical well-being, but he also took on financial responsibilities as well. This was compassion in its truest form. It requires us to come together and take on the struggles of others. Our healthcare professionals are daily delivering compassion amid COVID-19.

Healthcare Professionals, we are grateful. At times, you may feel invisible as if the only thing that matters is the work you do and not the person doing it. There is no truth in that. You matter. We are praying for you! We see and experience your compassion, and we honor you.

Thank you for not allowing us to do life alone. 


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