Sharing the gospel with strangers

Romans 10:14-17 (NLT) states, “But how can they call on him to save them unless they believe in him? And how can they believe in him if they have never heard about him? And how can they hear about him unless someone tells them? And how will anyone go and tell them without being sent? That is why the Scriptures say, “How beautiful are the feet of messengers who bring good news!” But not everyone welcomes the Good News, for Isaiah, the prophet said, “Lord, who has believed our message?” So, faith comes from hearing, that is, hearing the Good News about Christ.” 

During the fall semester of 2019, I was reluctant to go to a school event to which my friend invited me since it was after work. I told myself that I would go for a few minutes, but the Holy Spirit knew I was needed that night to help someone. When I arrived at the event, I noticed that my friend was comforting some guy. I asked her what was wrong with him and she told me that he recently broke up with his girlfriend. I offered to walk him to his car. We talked about how he felt and gave him a shoulder to cry when he needed it. He felt that he did not want to continue, felt hopeless and he did not like being alone. I told him I understand his feeling of hopelessness, and I said that “Maybe God wants you to take the time to learn what you like to do by yourself.” I was not expecting that I would be helping this stranger as I did. Long story short, he thanked me for the advice, and he drove off to his apartment. I do not know what happened after that, but I am grateful that I listened to the spirit. 

I know it is not easy for me to start a conversation with a stranger. As Christians, we are encouraged to spread the good news of the gospel and share our faith. But how do we open the floor to discuss how God has been good to the people around me and me? First, pray about it. If you want to have a meaningful talk about God, you need to involve the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit will be the one who will change and soften their heart. I think you need to set a warm environment to permit a conversation. Be respectful and gentle. You cannot just jump right into talking about God; you have to initiate in casual conversations. “How are you doing?” “I like your hat.” Depending on if the person what to continue to speak, you can use a current event or a personal experience they mentioned to incorporate God. 

Remember, when you talk with someone, you do not have a lot of time to invest. However, you do not feel the need to rush and expect to have a full conversation about God. Be prepared to listen more than talk. Jesus spent time listening to the concerns and issues of others, and we should do the same. If that individual wants to develop their relationship with God, invite them to church or an event the church might be having that week like Bible study.


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