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Neighbors and social distancing

The Marvin Gay song “What’s Going On?” is resonating all over our country and the world.  Some of us are wondering what is really going on in the world around us as we have entered the new normal of social distancing. 

Is it normal to go through daily activities wearing a mask and gloves?  It is difficult to define normal when toilet paper and cleaning products are scarce.  Do we go out in public and risk our health, or do we stay home from work and risk our family’s security?  How can we make things work for good if everything is uncertain and nothing is guaranteed?  

In response to this, a group of neighbors began using an app to come together to provide support and answer these questions.  The neighbors began being “neighborly,” reaching out to each other, looking out for one another, and lending a helping hand while still socially distancing.  They reminded us that the better way to do things in times like these is together.  These neighbors reminded us that two or three people or more are better together – couples, trios, quartets, groups of people – are better pulling together for a common cause.  The Bible elaborates that a two-fold cord is not easily broken and that when we all get on one accord that great things can happen as they did on the day of Pentecost (Ecclesiastes 4:12).  

Together we can do things better and greater than if we attempt to do them alone.  These neighbors decided that it would be better to look out for each other than to try to do things individually. Being neighborly is now and has always been socially acceptable.  So, let us do things for others that we would like done for us.  

Let us share our supplies, Internet links, essential items, food, information, health tips, and general knowledge with one another.  Drop off something to a friend, have an essential or care package mailed to a neighbor, friend, or loved one who needs something but cannot locate it or find it.  Check on an elderly neighbor and make sure that person or family is doing and eating well.  Check on the neighbor with several children and find out if the kids have everything that they need or pick up an extra meal and drop it off to them or order one and have it delivered.  

We can still be neighborly and keep our social distance.  Let us use some of those “back in the day” ways and show others God’s love in action.  Invest in others making good use of our time, our money, and our actions.  Although in-person visits may be limited, there are many ways to be neighborly.  Make more phone calls, send more emails, text more, video message more, or mail letters or cards.  Now are the right time and a good time to show we can love our neighbors as we do ourselves.  

#love #socialdistancing #lovethyneighbor #neighborly #neighbors #helpothers

Contributor: E. Taylor

#love #socialdistancing #lovethyneighbor #neighborly #neighbors #helpothers


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