This is a planned social media takeover of testimonies – whichever format you decide to use for the TILT Testimony get ready to post them on April 3, 2021.

Record a 2-minute (or longer) video telling your testimony
1. What was I like before accepting Jesus Christ?
2. Who let me know that I needed to be saved?
3. What has been your testimony SINCE you got saved? 4. Explain to the person how to give Their Lives to Christ.

This is a planned social media takeover of 1000 social media testimonies going out at the same time. We are “Soul Searching”: we all know people that we talk to every now and then, but maybe we have not spoken to them and shared our testimony…we HAVE TO GO after them—this is about Dominion…It is about spreading the Gospel and Kingdom advancement.

Create a Photo Collage. Use this template here on Canva (Click here to open and save the overlay) and put in a before and after picture of your story. We want people to be able to see a visible difference in just how far God has brought you. You can include multiple slides or multiple images – we just want to see your testimony. Also, Add a caption – make sure to either write your story or speak what God can do in your life.


EX: This is me during Stage 4 Brain Cancer. Because God is Able, this is me maintaining a 4.23 GPA preparing for college!


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